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The two most important shifts impacting our future are cultural shifts and climate shifts.   The power of love, problem solving, engineering and empathy are an antidote to anxiety and scarcity.   Learn how culture can inspire ingenuity to heal the planet.

Dr. Jamie Bracey-Green


Jamie Bracey Green, PhD is an award winning educational psychologist and expert in STEM talent development, equity and policy who founded and led Temple University’s College of Engineering Office of STEM Education, (and more recently the Center for Inclusive Competitiveness) for more than a decade, serving thousands of children in programs replicated across the US.   Now the leader of the National Institute for Inclusive Competitiveness, Bracey Green has been recognized by the Philadelphia Business Journal as a regional “change agent” for her work leading intergenerational teams domestically and abroad providing teacher training and pre- college STEM education programs to increase diversity in engineering, science and data analytics.  She actively encourages entrepreneurship in sustainability industries (agriculture, energy, water, and waste management) where STEM can be applied to improve quality of life around the world.

With that in mind, Jamie is also a practicing hydroponic farmer and licensed industrial hemp processor who (which her family) owns Think and Grow Farms in Philadelphia, PA.  TGF is an urban ag-tech start up growing plants and food in controlled environments that rely on STEM.

Dr.Bracey-Green attended Oberlin College, the Rochester Institute of Technology and Temple University. She serves on the Pennsylvania State Board of Education, the Governor’s Advisory Board for Diverse, Inclusive & Small Business Opportunities, the University of Pittsburgh National STEM PUSH initiative, and is a member of the global African Scientific Institute.

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